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sash bremec


Born in small town on the west part of Slovenia near the border with Italy. Few years ago I’ve started with photography on hobby bases. Dedication and motivation to learn more about photography. I’ve started taking my hobby more seriously, getting more and more equipment and knowledge.My goal is to capture action in motorsport and show the beauty and action while capturing special moments.

Motorsport passion

Started with local motorsport events where the passion for photography grown to the will for Europe-wide motorsport events mainly rallies (ADAC, RACC). I have decided to take a hobby to a next level and this is how the page you are visiting was born. All who appreciate my work all the photos are for sale. Hope you enjoy!


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Petrol-head and motorsport site promoting  talented motorsport photographers. Helping getting visibility and grow social media community.
Give it a try, you want be disappointed.


Dust In The Pit Lane


Dust In The Pit Lane


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Ulica Gradnikove brigade 29, Si-5000 Nova Gorica Slovenia